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 Review of Scooby-Doos Ghoster Coaster @ Kings Dominion
1 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 10/22/2006 4:54:00 PM
Scooby Doos Ghoster Coaster is a fun junior wooden roller coaster for the entire family. Located in the KidzVille section of the park to the left of the main entrance, Scooby Doos Ghoster Coaster has a kid-friendly, sky blue paint job. A compact John Miller family coaster, Scooby Doos Ghoster Coaster has a Scooby Doo logo above the entrance. While waiting in line you can see the figure-8 shaped layout. Due to very long loading times and long intervals in between dispatch times, Scooby Doos Ghoster Coaster has a slow moving line and a pretty low capacity. Adults had a very had time restraining themselves with the seatbelt and the seatbelts frequently got stuck under the seat. A buzz-bar also is used to restrain riders. I had a 15-20 minute wait with a 2 train operation on a weekend. The bright green, orange, and yellow trains each held up to 20 people. My favorite row was by far the front because of the small pops of air-time during the bunny hills. Once restrained, the operators dispatch the train and it travels around a right-hand U-turn. Following that is the 35ft lift hill. Because of the rides age, the lift hill was slow and a little jerky. Then the train traveled down a small, but fun, first drop. The train then travels around a small turn-around hill. At the bottom your picture is taken. After that is another small turn-around hill that provides a brief pop of air-time for front seat riders. Then the train races over a small bunny hill providing a brief pop of air-time, followed by another small turn-around hill which provides the best pop of air-time for front seat riders. Then the train crawls over two small bunny hills before hitting the brake run, ending this fun family coaster. Overall, a fun junior coaster for the entire family. Kids who want to ride coasters larger than kiddie coasters will find this an excellent starter coaster. I recommend Scooby Doos Coaster Coaster to anyone who enjoys classic wooden coasters.
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