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 Review of Turkish Delight @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 10/21/2006 3:06:00 PM
Now Busch Gardens is a park notoriously weak in the flat ride category. I mean not only do they not only have a lot, but what they do have for the most part is nothing special and all of their flats operate with an incredibly short cycle. However, this attraction manages to be a lone stand-out in the park, as it is by far one the worst flat featured in the entire park. Not only that, but it also is easily one of the worst flats I have ever been on anywhere! Yeah, it’s that bad!

Located in Italy, the Turkish Delight is a beautiful set of Mack tea cups. The intricate designs on the cups really make this one of the best looking tea cups found anywhere, rivaling Funtown’s, which also oddly enough is a Mack installation as well. Also, this never ever has a wait, though that may be attributed to the absolutely abysmal ride that follows. Not only does it never have a wait, but loading is lightning quick. However, these two positives, the attraction’s appearance and its lack of a wait, are the only two positives I can find with this attraction and they definitely aren’t enough to rescue this train-wreck of an attraction.

Once the ride begins, I was shocked by how pathetic the attraction was. First off, the spinning, or lack there of, was simply embarrassing. For a ride that is focused around spinning and making riders dizzy, it’s pretty bad when none of those two things occur even in the slightest fashion. Despite being able to manually control the cups’ spinning, it’s near impossible for whatever reason. In fact, I think I got one total rotation during the whole ride, no joke! After having an excrutiatingly hard time getting that one rotation completed, I felt accomplished, but just stopped and realized that this was not a good attraction at all. Oddly enough, this same problem occurs on Funtown’s as well; however, that one has a longer cycle and is somewhat easier to spin, though it is still aggrivating.

Not only does it not provide a fun ride, but it also provides the typical less-than-a-minute cycle provided by all of the park’s flats that I rode. However, even if it had a really long cycle, that wouldn’t even save this attraction thanks to how incredibly poor the ride itself actually is. In fact, I believe that a longer cycle would have hampered my enjoyment of this attraction even more! That’s never a good sign.

This attraction is truly a mind-blowing experience; it’s easily one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had on a theme park attraction. Just the combination of an incredibly short cycle and a ride that just flat out provides no enjoyment whatsoever make this claim the dubious honor as the worst attraction by far in such a great park. Really, I can’t recommend this disaster of an attraction to anyone since there really is no enjoyment whatsoever in it, unless you’re one who enjoys riding a spinning ride devoid of any spinning whatsoever. That’s like going to a Red Sox game, but not wanting to see baseball.
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