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 Review of El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
7 Rating Posted by: CoastrGlxy on 9/27/2006 1:14:00 PM
Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here! Riding El Toro is something any coaster enthusiast, heck, any person with a pulse should do. Especially if you think you know what wooden coasters have to offer. El Toro is going to turn your world upside down. The El Carnival section is appropriately themed with a Spanish flare. The look and feel is definitely a step above cheesy or contrived. Right down to the sandy desert-like landscaping with chill pepper plants. Even the smell of the food reminded me more of restaurants in Mexico than Taco Bell. The Vipers old southwestern station fit into the area perfectly. The trains are themed somewhat like mine train cars and have a very comfortable, next generation look and feel. Loading the trains is a bit slow, but the trains are longer than normal holding 36 riders compared to 24 on Thunderhead and 28 on The Voyage.

The ride starts with a quick climb up a relatively quiet lift hill. Already the ride has been uncharacteristically wooden. As I crested the top I looked over and down at Medusa. The height of El Toro gets forgotten, just because its not a record breaker. You quickly turn around and drop down the 176 feet of steep track at 76 degrees. This is easily the best first drop of any wooden coaster Ive ridden, it provides some air and you really feel the steepness. You cross under some track and rise into the first airtime hill. Youre ejected north to the sky, even though youve been stapled in by the ride ops. The next hill offers more of the same blissful airtime. The swooping banked turn is next. Its great especially if youre seated on the right side of the train. The ride has been glass smooth so far and its even more apparent during the swooping turn. If you closed your eyes youd think you were on a B&M hyper or some other type of steel coaster. After the turn, theres another fun drop and a smaller, shorter drop that offers the least air on the ride.

Next the track quickly banks to the left which sets up coaster AIRTIME BLISS. The track finishes the turn then rises up and you drop straight into the twisted finale. This innocent looking hill has the sickest airtime on the planet! Its so forceful that you feel if the restraints failed youd end up being flung into the tiger exhibit over in the Golden Kingdom. After that El Toro finishes strong with a twisting section close to the ground reminiscent of another bull, Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America. This twisting section is much more satisfying. You finish the twisted finale and eventually reach the breaks. All the riders I rode with returned with the euphoric feeling of heroine. People arent used to riding something so thrilling and comfortable. I had 3 rides on El Toro, but I couldve re-rode 10 or 20 times if I couldve. Youre not shaken, slammed, bruised, beat up, beat down, jolted, or smacked around the entire ride. Yet its thrilling from the beginning to the end.

Theres nothing that I would particularly change with El Toro (hence the perfect score). But I wouldve like to have seen a tunnel or two. It would only add to the ride. Im a sucker for tunnels, terrain coasters, and the like. But let me be clear in saying that El Toro is missing nothing! It doesnt unseat S:ROS at SFNE as the best coaster on the planet or Kumba as my personal favorite, but it comes pretty darn close. And it easily crushes Hades, Thunderhead, and The Voyage. This is why I try to save 10s for rides that really deserve them. El Toro deserves one of my few 10s and then some. Im sure GCI and Gravity Group are doing push-ups if theyve ridden this coaster. Intamins on its way to world domination. Final Rating - 10.0 (Transcendental)</scrip

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PhantomNik on 9/27/2006 2:55:40 PM said:
Fantastic review! Very well written and descriptive, which is what I like about your reviews, CoastrGlxy. I gave it a Good, as I feel it deserves it! I like at the end of your reviews when you give a final rating and associated descriptor, such as the "Transcendental" you use here. Nice!
papa1958 on 9/27/2006 3:06:29 PM said:
Very nice review.
CoastrGlxy on 9/27/2006 3:33:39 PM said:
Im a bit of a ratings Nazi in that I want each number to mean something. With a scale of 1 to 10, 5 should be average and so on. My complete scale is here.

Like I said, El Toro recieved one of my few 10s and only my second Transcendental. Thanks for the props. It looks like you enjoyed El Toro just as much.
RCGenius on 9/27/2006 4:11:34 PM said:
Amazing review CoastrGlxy. I loved the way you described the whole ride experience all the way until the final brakes. Thats what a great coaster review looks like. I can actually picture myself riding this untamed beast & feeling that every little bit of airtime which makes me fly out of my seat like crazy. El Toros definitely going down in history as one of the best wooden coasters ever made. If not, the best one ever made baby. Im definitely riding this bad boy next year since Ill be 18.
Hercules on 9/27/2006 4:25:59 PM said:
Yes. Yet another very nice review.

I didnt know you had to be 18 to ride this one?

PhantomNik on 9/28/2006 12:41:30 PM said:
Well said, RCGenius. You know, it was just funny to me last offseason when all the focus went towards the Voyage, and El Toro seemingly progressed under the radar. I was almost shocked that this coaster didnt generate an equal buzz amongst coaster folks. Granted, I have no doubt that Voyage is one incredible coaster, but I think people are discovering that this beast is way more formidable than anyone could have imagined! After riding El Toro, its truly amazing to think about how coaster technology has developed, so to be able to give us wooden coasters like this!!
tacoking on 9/28/2006 5:29:15 PM said:
Great review, dude.

Whoa, a compliment from me.

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