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 Review of Batwing @ Six Flags America
0 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 9/8/2006 12:15:00 PM
I thought Batwing was pretty crappy. The fact that it did have a decent layout saves it here, because otherwise it would be just another rough and uncomfortable ride. Starting off with one train ops and 3 rows closed on that one train, I went in already a little bitter. Once I finally squeezed back into those awful Vekoma flying trains I remembered what I hated most about BORG - the stupid metal bar sticking me in the back. However I liked BORG so I was ready to give Batwing a shot, and throughout the ride, I was almost regretting it. The ride is very rough and the trains did not help at all. Throughout the ride I felt discomfort and bordered on extreme, and you could not get me off the stupid ride fast enough. Then I remembered that its basically plopped in a field and the theme job is a joke... a three almost seems like a freakin gift at that point.

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coasterf42 on 9/8/2006 7:03:55 PM said:
I wonder if you and me rode the same train. Only one train was opperating (surprise, surprise) in my July visit as well, however only the first row was closed on mine. The ride ops were absolutely awful and didnt bother telling us that the ride was closing BOTH times it closed.

However, I didnt think it was rough. I heard a lot of vibration, but I was completely fine as far as comfort. So, Im wondering if its the same train.

And just for the record, because this is 100 yards away from civilization and so horribly themed/maintained I dont really think its even an asset to the park.
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