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 Review of Voyage @ Holiday World
2 Rating Posted by: Nitro1118 on 8/26/2006 2:20:00 PM
Coaster #109- The Voyage
The Ride: So the line started outside in a small switback, after 5min we are inside the enormous blue station structure. We hang a right, and head down a flight of stairs. To our left you can see the MASSIVE amount of swithbacks ahead of us. So we head down the flight of stairs, make another right, then head into the start of the massive amount of switbacks and line ahead of us. A cool feature, which we come very close to, is the view of the Legends track in the 2nd to last tunnel, with only only a plexi-glass window stopping us from reaching out and grabbing the track. We make a right, and enter the massive amount of swithbacks. For those of you who dont know, a switback is part of the line that weaves back and forth in row. In this part of the Voyages queue, there is like 75-100 of them. After 25min of back and forth walking, we exit this room, and head up a flight of stairs. Notice how I said only 25min? The line moves FAST as the ride runs 3 trains and they are quite efficient. Anyway, we head up a flight of stairs, and enter the 2nd story of the 3 story station, We make a right, head down a small straightaway that goes through the structure of the station, head up and flight of stairs, and meet the boarding area to our left! This station is very large, and has nice theming with the Jaws-like fisherman theming. Because I was with mom who has bad back, we make a right and wait out the front row line. Within 10min we board the beautiful dark blue PTC trains. Pull down restraints, they are checked, and all clear!
We make a small jog to right and left, and enter HUGE lift hill. The lift hill is very fast, and offer sgreat views of the waterpark to the left, and the Indiana landscape to the right. After about 25 seconds of travelling upward, we meet the apex. We start to level out, level out some more, and then start to face downward. Steeper and steeper until we are barreling down the massive drop angled at 66 degrees! We level out, positive Gs pushing down on us, and head up the 1st camelback. This camelback is massive, and offers a surprisingly dosage of airtime in any row. Up and over, we head back down to the forest floors, but not for long! We head up another huge camelback, this time at the top we jog a bit to left, which offers some nice laterals. We get another nice amount of airtime, and head down the hill, this time into an underground tunnel. The tunnel is quite deep, and nice and cool which is refreshing on this hot and humid day. We quickly zip out of the tunnel, head up a small bunny hop which also turns to the right, and head back into another underground tunnel. This is the most underrated section of the ride, I really loved that element of tunnel-small bunny hop-tunnel. Out of the 2nd tunnel, we head up a larger bunny hop, but still dont lose amazing pace and speed. After another ass out of seat moment, we head into another underground tunnel, and head up a hill, with intene banking to left. Up and over like we didnt just go up a hill, we make a sharp right and head down, it levels out for a milli-second, and then we head right back down again, which is VERY surprising and offers fantastic airtime. We then make a sharp, highly banked left through a very nice, swooping and intense turn. While staying banked, we go through a small bunny hop which offers diagnol airtime. Hard to explain, I know, but you are on side the whole bunny hop, and thrown diagnally. We go through another small bunny hop, never losing this AMAZING pace (we are going about 50-60mph through these turnsand bunny hops). Next up is the back to back 90 degree turns, first one to left, 2nd to right. These are a novelty, but they work well on this ride as they blend right in to the other turns. After the 2nd turn, we hit a small descent, which is the best and more surpring airtime moment of the ride. Absolutely insane because you dont see it coming as there is no incline to it or anyt

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ginzo on 8/26/2006 8:49:10 PM said:
I disagree about the Voyage being too long. I love long rides. Length is why I prefer Legend over Raven. Though some short rides are awesome, namely Avalanche. I do agree that the Voyages second half is absurdly intense, almost too much so. But I think its worth it personally. After a Voyage ride I typically sprint back to the queue like an overexcited little kid. Im going back to HW next month to get my final Voyage fix for the year. Im looking forward to riding El Toro next year. I hope SFGAdv has the problems with it (opening late) worked out next year.
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