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 Review of Flying Coaster @ Six Flags Elitch Gardens
0 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 8/21/2006 1:19:00 AM
Okay, lets break this thing down. The Flying Coaster is a very interesting-looking, unique little coaster nestled into the corner of Elitch Gardens. As previous posters have mentioned, it kind of appears to be a flying version of a wild mouse. You climb into the four-across car (literally--you climb a "ladder" to the appropriate rung so that you are standing comfortably) and get closed in, so that the car looks like a little cage with four prisoners, er, passengers, inside. Before going up the lift, the contraption tilts forward so that you are lying flat rather than standing. There is a spiral lift hill with not a chain to be found. The car gets pushed up by a revolving arm. Now, I had read all of these reviews and was preparing for the worst, and I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised. No, this was no Tatsu, but I did find it to be very fun nonetheless. There was a little dip that started the ride, which was actually a neat sensation as you were pointed head-first. The curves were sort of herky-jerky rather than swoopingly smooth, but again, that goes along with the wild mouse feel of this coaster. And then there were the inversions. I actually felt that these were the highlights of the ride. They seemed to take a very long time to execute, so you got to really enjoy being flipped around. My first ride took place in one of the middle seats, and I found no discomfort whatsoever during any of the ride. I will admit, I rode again later in an outside seat, and it was noticeably rougher. I think I had my feet in the wrong place that time, and that caused the problem. However, I didnt really view it as a problem. Ive said it before, and Ill say it again--I enjoy a little brutality from a coaster, and being tossed about in my little flying cage actually proved to be great fun. I guess Im lucky that it doesnt take much to entertain me. Flying Coaster, you finally have a proponent!
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