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 Review of Avalanche @ Timber Falls Adventure Park
3 Rating Posted by: ginzo on 8/20/2006 10:30:00 PM
Many people believe that the Raven packs an incredible ride into a relatively small footprint. I happen to agree with them. The Avalanche, however, turns up the small ride intensity to a level far beyond the Raven. There is no slowing down, pesky trim brakes, nor hope of escape. The speed exponentially builds and builds until you crash into the brakes at the station. Nearly every hill after the lift delivers excellent airtime. In fact, I dont remember being in my seat at all over a few of the later hills. When you hit the turns it often feels like youre not going to make it, like the train is going to shoot straight off the track. Yet, somehow you make it, and with less roughness than you would suppose. I rode this 26 times in one day, and would have done more if I didnt have to leave. As everyone else says, dont miss this ride if you go to the Dells. You just might think agree with me that beats the pants off the ostensible star of the Dells. Im sure you know what ride Im talking about.
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