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 Review of Toboggan @ Lakemont Park
0 Rating Posted by: no cars go on 8/18/2006 7:49:00 PM
I was very afraid for my life in line for this ride. Its 100% portable and it looks like it might fall apart. The cars go down about as slow as possible, then gain tons of momentum on the bunny hops, which, the first one, is made from still banked track. And the cars? Well, Ill just avoid going over those... The whole ride just looks like a death trap. The lift hill is in complete darkness in a small car, in a small probably vertical tunnel, except for the small flashing lights in the tunnel and the opening at the top. It goes SO slow down the twisted hill... During the first (banked) bunny hop, I was trying to hold my head straight, as I read about whiplash and stuff, but it wasnt too uncomfortable. I bet the ride operators were laughing at me though, they stop you while theyre waiting for more people to get on, right in between the two ride operators. And they stare at you. I was so relieved, just trying to relax and being so happy to still be alive. I have a picture or a few pictures of the ride that Ill put up if anyone wants to see them. The last time I rode the Toboggan was on June 7, 2006.
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