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 Review of Twister @ Lakemont Park
0 Rating Posted by: no cars go on 8/17/2006 12:59:00 AM
This ride is... not the most beautiful thing on earth. But... it is kind of "beautiful"... in a carnie type of way. In line (a pleasantly short one, by the way) I was a little afraid. Definately not as afraid as I was in line for the Toboggan, but a little bit afraid... With all that Ive read about Williams Groves Twister. The restraints are really weird. I think that they were like the pouffy cloth things that they sometimes use on bumper cars. The ride operator was VERY particular about the way you wore them though. So he was taking forever to check everyones restraints multiple times (at Lakemont? *gasp*), then his friends came over, through the gate, to talk to him. So they talked for like five minutes while we all waited for this dude to start the ride. Enough time to make the decision to not go on the Round-Up, which was right next to me, creaking and moving when people walked on. When he did finally start it up, it was decent. I mean, it didnt spin very much, but when it did, it really spun. I let out a shreik or two, and Ive really been trying not to let myself scream on things, like roller coasters (coincedently, the Twister at Knoebels is the biggest drop Ive done without screaming). I sat in the back, and it was a pretty good ride. I would go on it again, but I dont like to hold my family back (which is unfortunate, being a coaster enthusiast). I didnt come off dizzy or anything, but it was still a good ride. By the way, I have a picture of the ride... Ill put it on here if anyone wants to see. The last time I rode this was on June 7, 2006.
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