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 Review of Kentucky Rumbler @ Beech Bend
1 Rating Posted by: ginzo on 7/26/2006 8:10:00 PM
This ride makes the trip to the backwater worth it. It deftly twists around itself with grace and smoothness. There isnt a hint on roughness on this, and it looks damn nice as well. Decent air time can be had in the back seat, but of course air time isnt GCIs specialty. GCI, however, did do an amazing job of packing such a nice ride into a relatively small footprint. The ride is almost relentlessly intense as well. I did notice one slight slow down point during the middle of the ride. This happened on every ride. I would have rated this an 8, but I gave it another point due to the fact that the ride ops were cool enough to let us ride it once by ourselves. Not many smaller parks would waste a run of their best coaster on just 2 people during regular operating hours.
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