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 Review of Mission: Space (Green) @ EPCOT
2 Rating Posted by: Knootz on 7/9/2006 9:22:00 PM
I think this is a major breakthshrough that Disney should have been doing long times ago. Let the non-thrill-rider guests to experience the shows scenes and some special effects of the thrill ride that they wont miss out on anything if they are too afarid to go on it. I believe even without the gravatiy-pulled sensation, this ride is still an amazing experience by its sleek props, sound and viusal effects. I think it is a completely new concept of designing a park. In the past when you try to appeal to the guests of all ages, you build different attractions to draw different group of people. Now the new appoarch could be making the same ride with 2 different experience that trageted on both thrill ride seekers and non-thrill ride seekers. Maybe people tend to think the best ride design should the same version of ride that appeals to peopele of all ages. That is ture, but I found it harder and harder to do. Right now very few attractions to do that except for the spiderman which is why it is the number one theme park attraction in the world. Even splash mountain or Indiana Jones is too intense for lots and lots of people who love Disney so much but in my perspective they are all missing the best experience that Disney could offer. Overall I think with the addition of this tamer verison, Mission Space will be a solid winner instead a controversial flop.(considered how much Disney has put into)
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