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 Review of Anaconda @ Kings Dominion
1 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 7/5/2006 5:28:00 PM
Anny is an average ride. Thats about all there is to it. It has a fun old chain lift towards the edge of the park and you can either look to the right and see beautiful Kings Dominion layed out before you, or look to the left and see some farms or whatever else is over there in rural Virginia.

Anny is deffinitely unique: a great setting and queue line. I find that the underwater tunnel doesnt really do much for me. The inversions arent too good(I find the sidewinder is a bit more fun than the loop), and neither are the turns after the MCBR. The MCBR is way too strong and is my biggest complaint of the ride. The best part though is the slow double corkscrew at the end. You get shifted around in your seat and it creates the illusion that your going to fall into lake Charles.

edit-Anaconda IS very reridable, but there is a very rough part in it. The "headchopper" area after the first turn after the MCBR is pretty bad. I still rode it 4 times in a row at night on Saturday, but I was a bit dissapointed in the headchopper: it looks like a great element. And I actually DID get a little splash once believe it or not.
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