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 Review of Vortex @ Knotts Great America
0 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 6/27/2006 5:14:00 PM
Vortex is visually very appealing, with its purple and yellow track draped around the center of the park. I thought this might be a newer B&M stand-up coaster, just a smaller one, like the Georgia Scorcher. I guess its just had an age-hiding paint job, as it turns out this is one of B&Ms very first stand-ups, and thats pretty obvious while riding. This lacked the quality that makes the Riddlers Revenge such an outstanding ride--its smoothness. Nevermind the duration and the number of inversions, because, as we saw with Top Gun, good things can come in small packages. I was just surprised by how much of a head-banger Vortex was, as that is not something Ive come to expect from a B&M. However, this was still much better than an Intamin or Togo stand-up, and I did enjoy the pacing and the tight direction changes, even if I did have to cushion my head with my hands while executing them!
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