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 Review of Mad Mouse @ Myrtle Beach Pavilion
0 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 6/17/2006 12:45:00 AM
OK - I hate reviewing rides that have great moments mixed in with really crappy ones, coming up with a numerical representation of my thoughts becomes a challenge. BUT, I shall digress and move on... first for the good: this was my first Arrow Mouse, one of the companys last rides, and my god what great airtime in 2-3 places!! However, the rest of the ride includes an un-braked slalom run and banked turns - WHY? As much as I hate slamming into the side of mouse cars, they are supposed to be lat-heavy, and the banking kills the lateral Gs and is REALY dumb in my opinion. So, that all works out to a 6. Add brakes, and wed see another point. Kill the banking, and youve got my favorite mouse. Mack mice still own all.
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