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 Review of Voyage @ Holiday World
1 Rating Posted by: x307 on 6/12/2006 10:29:00 AM
Easily the best woodie Ive ever been on, taking the cake from my other favourites Shivering Timbers, Hades, Lightning Racer and Phoenix. Just non-stop action [well okay theres a mid-course which allows a breath to be had], air on every hill, crazy laterals [in one place, possibly too crazy], wicked tunnels. I will throw my hat in to those who feel that the 90 degree turns dont really do much. Theyre neat to go around, and holding your hands up sideways is a fun little add-on, but its not exactly a thrilling element and it brings no forces to the table. However, it doesnt take away from the ride at all. The airtime in the front is consistant floater air all the way through on every hill. I dont think I went up a hill without getting a little pop of air. There are no ejector seat moments, which tempts me to bring the rating down, but this thing just will NOT let up. Its BAM, BAM, BAM with the elements, its a hill BAM airtime BAM lateral turn BAM another turn BAM airtime hill BAM another turn WHOOPS UNDERGROUND NOW BAM AIR! I was left breathless on every single one of the nine trips I took on this thing, no matter where I was sitting. This thing was awesome, absolutely awesome, and made up for two let-downs in Raven [which was very good but not "the best woodie in the world" as some claim] and Legend [which I didnt really like at all].
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