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 Review of Mad Mouse @ Myrtle Beach Pavilion
0 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 6/2/2006 7:35:00 PM
I very much like Wild Mouse coasters, and this was actually my first by Arrow. The set of unbanked turns that started the ride didnt seem as intense as on Mack or other versions. However, once we hit all the dips, this one certainly became a mad little mouse. It flung us out of our seats at the top of the drops and then slammed us back into them at the bottom. And the lap bars were so snug that our thighs took quite a beating during all of these ups-and-downs. What is it with these Myrtle Beach coasters beating up their riders? Some funky little uneven track finished the ride. Not the best wild mouse in the world, but lots of fun all the same.
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