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 Review of Tornado @ Adventureland
0 Rating Posted by: ILVECOSTRS on 5/26/2006 5:06:00 PM
This is a good ride, but not the best. Appearence-8 I have to say that this ride looks old, with the paint chipping. Scenery around it is nice especially coming back under trees is cool. But on the way to the turnaround it looks like you will die with the track over you. Capacity-8 There is olny one train, but it does fine, if there on weekday may be able to walk on. And I like having seperate belts for you and whoever you are riding with compared to the Outlaw. Ride Quality-8 Great on way there and on way back feels good to, but I hate the turn especially if you are on the right seat. Fun-8 It was fun and I rode it more then once, but if you arent always sure about going on other roller coasters, you dont have to go on this, you wont miss anything. But I think you should ride it anyway.
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