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 Review of X @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
-2 Rating Posted by: Predator on 4/19/2006 11:45:00 PM
I like this ride alot at the park. At the time I was at the park, it was one of the best rides there. I dont get the feeling that I dont know where Im going though. It is just fun to bang your chops against the seat. The way to avoid it, is to put your knees higher up. I like the banging better. The seat gives you so much fredom without hitting the person next to you. There is still one better at this park though, even though that wasnt open that day.

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B&M Fan on 2/28/2007 5:11:21 PM said:
Huh? Is this a real review?
Got_it on 2/28/2007 10:57:29 PM said:
No, its literary vomit.
RCGenius on 3/1/2007 7:22:18 AM said:
Well. That was one of the worst coaster reviews Ive ever read in a long time. Youre telling us how to avoid knee banging by lifting our knees higher, but you enjoy the banging more? WTH? You didnt even describe the ride experience at all & your last statement saying how theres one better coaster which wasnt even running at all that day doesnt make any sense. Put a little more thought in your ride experience instead of some mindless drivel.
weaver23 on 4/18/2007 9:38:27 PM said:
Did he even ride the ride?
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