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 Review of Superman Ride of Steel @ Six Flags America
2 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 4/13/2006 10:16:00 PM
My redone review for SROS:
I rode SROS for the first time in 3 years on July 25, 2006, and it wasnt all that I remembered, but it was still awsome! Speed going down the first drop was great, but the drop didnt quite get me as it had in the past. Then you head into a huge second hill. There seems to be a small pop of air at the top of that hill, but that hill is mainly for speed and having a nice long drop, much like the first. Then, the train somehow turns into a highly banked helix very smoothly and effortlessly. Although I didnt like the helixes quite as much as I did last time, they are still some of my favorite helixes ever. Very long, fast, smooth, and at an awsome angle. You get a lot of wind in the helix and even made my eyes water a bit! Then you head into what is generally considered by most (and by me as well) to the best part of the ride: the third hill. Its not anywhere near the size of the first two, but it is still fairly large. However, airtime, not size is what this element is about! I must tell you that until my third ride on this thing, I didnt get all the airtime I was hoping. On my third ride I was literaly off my seat the entire way down, which had never happened to me before. I was then finally satisfied with that hill. Next up is yet another helix, basically the same as the first although you do seem to loose a little speed at the end of this one. The fourth hill (the "twisting hop" was really a surprise for me. There is great airtime and the twist really makes it unique. This is my second favorite element SROS has to offer. The next two hills are small, yet still somehow pack in great airtime. All in all, this ride is great with a speed-dominated first half and an airtime-crazy second. I was very dissapointed at SFA how they handled this ride. The combination of one train oopperation and terrible ride opps made an in-station-wait all day over 20 minutes on each of my three rides. Still, thats not a bad wait for a coaster of this caliber.

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fergusonat on 5/6/2006 3:05:25 PM said:
Good review man...cant believe you thought Apollos Chariot fizzled out after the first drop though. In my opinion, that ride has some of the best pacing possible. Anyways, Im going to hit SFA sometime soon, so Ill be able to compare the two, but I seriously doubt it will come close to AC for me But yeah, good review for not remembering much about the ride hehe
coasterf42 on 7/5/2006 6:27:52 PM said:
I remembered enough-that I loved it and looking at the pictures I got a better idea of it. If you love Apollos Chariot, then you are going to at least like this, but if you hate PKD so much, youre going to deffinitely hate SFA..... I really do need to ride Apollo again. I rode it a long time ago, but I was scared to death of it then. Now Im can just enjoy it and Im pretty sure I will.
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