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 Review of Noahs Ark @ Kennywood
0 Rating Posted by: no cars go on 4/8/2006 2:44:00 PM
I wasnt a big fan of this ride when went on I went on it last summer, but I respect its age and how its the only one left in the USA. Anyway, I dont like the things at the beginning or the end. SPOILER WARNING!!! At the beginning, you go into an "old and rusty" elevator. A speaker above says something like "This elevator hasnt been used since an archeological expedition blah blah blah..." At that time I was totally obsessed with Ancient Egypt and archeology and I believed it... But then towards the end of the speech I got this weird feeling and I was like "oh great, this isnt real. I hope my brother (5 years old) doesnt get scared..." About 30 seconds later the voice started to, erm... Warble? and fade out. The lights turn off and the lights on the side of the elevator lights start blinking and the elevator starts getting all jarred around. I looked over and my little brother had this face on, so I was like "Alex, its like the Exterminator, its just fake" and my sister and I were trying to comfort him. The doors of the elevator opened and you go into all these moving floorboards, (mega fun) and then a bunch of typical dark ride stuff. At the end of the ride, you walk into a small room and everybody started running to the wall. It was my first time on Noahs Ark and I was really confused but I followed anyway. Then water started squirting out of the overhead pipes with signs that said "HIGH VOLTAGE". From above, you hear something like "Hello, this is Phil from Kennywood maintenence. Please do not panic, we will get you all out soon". The wall starts caving in on you and he says "Whoa, whats going on in there?!?!?!" At this point, my other little brother woke up scared too..." Some water sprays on you and the doors open up, thats it. Pretty lame, kind of corny, and really weird. Sorry for the long post/spoilers.

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no cars go on 4/8/2006 2:47:03 PM said:
Sorry I forgot to add this:

After that ride, I started wondering what would happen if something really bad did happen in the ride. "Wow, they must have updated it...". Or people going crazy and possibly hurting themselves if they thought it was real. Im guessing there may be a lawsuit sometime soon for that ride.
tauren_man on 7/6/2006 7:41:14 PM said:
Hey! That sumbarine part was COOL!
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