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 Review of Shrek 4-D @ Universal Studios Florida
-1 Rating Posted by: Raptor on 3/4/2006 2:24:00 PM
I love Shrek, but wow, this was awful. The pre-show leads you to believe that youre headed into Farquaads torture chamber. Naturally, anyone who has seen a lot of 3-D attractions would picture something like Its Tough To Be a Bug, where they would be "torturing you" with the 3-D effects. And then I imagined Shrek and Donkey would come in and save you or something. But instead, the actual theater has almost no theming and the movie and the characters do not interact with the audience at all. I dont understand who thought that the moving seats would be a good idea, because theyre so loud you almost cant hear the movie... and it also doesnt make sense because the action on screen isnt happening to *You* anyway. Other than the moving seats, everything else is just cheap 3-D attraction cliches. Wow, water sprays on you.. I wouldnt have guessed that would happen! I thought the movie itself was boring and uninteresting, as well. I noticed that the queue and pre-show were taking cheap shots at Disney... but if theyre going to do that, maybe the movie should have actually been good, like Disneys 3-D attractions.
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