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 Review of Space Mountain @ Disneyland Park
-3 Rating Posted by: studiog on 2/28/2006 1:36:00 AM
This ride is very dissapointing. From the moment you enter the attraction, its sad and anti- climatic all the way. First of all, the wait time is horrendous. Once you board your rocket, you go up a boring lift with the stairs clearly visible just a foot from you, which ruins the theming of space travel. Then, you reach the top and expecting a drop, you just slowly coast around a turn and begin making a series of right turns which get repetitve and unthrilling, especially since you are travelling at a slow speed. The stars look like they were made by those little projectors you find in baby nurseries that light up the cieling with moon shapes and stars. If you look carefully, you can clearly make out all the beams and bars around you. The music is annoying which sounds a lot like the theme song from "The Incredibles," (granted its the same composer). Th original Dick Dale music added in the mid- nineties was much more exciting and fun. Overall, this is merely a tame kid coaster in an barely dark setting set to bad music and long lines. It may have been good in its time, in the seveties, but by todays standards, youre better off saving your time and just go ride Splash Mountain, Pirates, or cross over to California Adventure and ride California Screamin for a real coaster more suited for today.

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Yoshirule on 6/27/2007 2:11:03 PM said:
I dont know why people gave you such bad ratings, because I am compelled to agree. I would give this a 7 at most, and the stars are completely fake looking. Come on Disney, after what you did with Splash Mountain points of light cant be that hard!
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