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 Review of V2: Vertical Velocity @ Six Flags Great America
0 Rating Posted by: Animan1 on 1/19/2006 6:34:00 PM
V2 - Vertical Velocity, is a coaster that is a lot of fun to ride with a terrific launch and a great compliment to Six Flags Great Americas already exemplary line-up of coasters. The launch is both fast and intense, and the extra power that they provide the train with during the mid-section of the ride really makes this thing haul. The holding brake is also fun, and better experienced in the back (extra height), but the ending of the track on the front spike is better from the front, so take your pick or try them both. One tip - try to ride early in the day, since its obviously a shuttle with only one train and the line can build quickly.

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Swimace on 1/20/2006 7:38:38 AM said:
I saw that you gave DD-Fire an 8 but you gave this a 9. Did you think that this ride was better than Dueling Dragons? Im just wondering because in most cases people would choose a B&M invert over an Intamin Impulse coaster, but Ive never been on an impulse coaster so I cant say for sure, although Im nearly certain Id like a B&M better.
Animan1 on 1/20/2006 11:03:08 AM said:
Thats a good point, I was debating giving DD - Fire a 9 anyway, and after you brought this up, I think Im going to be changing it as such. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I really like V2, its a great ride with a great launch, but both DD are right up there with it, so DD - Fire deserves a 9 too.
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