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 Review of California Screamin @ California Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: CobraRoll on 12/9/2005 3:02:00 PM
one of the best roller coasters Ive ever experienced, sure, there are better ones (Roar, Cyclone, Giant Dipper) but not many, and not any as smooth as this beast.

The rides music starts with carnival style music, as you depart the station and head for the launch, but once the incredible launch happens, it changes to some great rock, as you twist your way around, the first half of the track contains a great hill, a banked helix, then a drop into the lift hill. After climbing it, you enter the drop, and its a doozy, once you get out of it, you face a seccond helix, then the loop, which is one of the most thrilling Ive experienced, followed by some incredible air-time on bunny hills, if youre at all a roller coaster fan, theres no excuse to come to DLR and not ride this, hands down.
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