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 Review of Roar @ Six Flags America
0 Rating Posted by: Mr.C on 11/17/2005 10:30:00 PM
THE MOST HORRIBLE COASTERT I HAVE EVER BEEN ON IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! And i really enjoy wooden roller coasters. But this was so rough and loud and Brutal. I swear that I walked away with a bruse on my hip because it slammed me against the side of the car near the end of the ride. It was just like the Wildcat at Hershey Park that I hated too!!! This ride ruined my day at Six Flags America. I dont get why so many people love this ride. I mean I like rickedy but this ride was straight up painful. Well I sat in the back so maybe you had to sit in the front or something. Whatever!

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larrygator on 11/18/2005 2:20:27 PM said:
A good review in that you stated your reasons for giving a 1 rating which differs greatly from the average on the site. I completely disagree with the rating and that is was too rough, but your opinion is respected by me as long as you back it up with a reason why We all have differing opinions and tastes (which not everyone always understands). I just hope that I still enjoy Roar as much as I did in 2004.
Hercules on 11/18/2005 2:28:28 PM said:
I find this interesting considering the review was a 10 as of last night. I think I know why this was done, but I dont want to get into it. If you really feel this way I respect it. I liked the ride, but I just didnt find it to be the best wooden coaster in the park.
Got_it on 11/7/2006 12:48:29 PM said:
O_O How could you not like the Wild Cat at Hershey?!
CoastrGlxy on 2/8/2007 10:36:24 AM said:
Sadly, I agree. Roar used to be fun, now its just a big bully. Not as big a bully ast Wild Cat at Hershey though. Got_it, have you ridden Wild Cat recently? Rode it last Easter and it made me regret it. Both of these woodies are aging badly. Go figure...
Got_it on 2/8/2007 3:06:29 PM said:
I rode it during summer 05
Horizons12 on 2/8/2007 5:05:42 PM said:
I remember going on WildCat in like 99 and it was rough as heck then!
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