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 Review of Stuntmans Freefall @ Six Flags Great Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: PeterD on 10/4/2005 3:32:00 PM
Now that Intamin and S&S have learned to create new, high-tech and high-thrill freefall towers, these Intamin First Generation Freefalls are slowly becoming more of a rarity. Maybe it’s for the better. Whenever the Chiller is not being launched and blasting by, Stuntman’s Freefall can be heard screeching away. Its rusting frame and third-world appearance don’t give it the most enchanting and exciting look. The ride does load pretty quickly though because the trains parade right through the station picking up its next passengers without much of a hassle. Waiting for your turn to go up the elevator might actually take longer than the ride itself. Sitting in your little cart at the bottom of the tower, you constantly hear a horn blasting signifying the next cart’s release. The ride to the top is pretty quick and you get a pretty nice view of the park for a few seconds once there. The transition to the sloping track always makes me a bit nervous for some strange reason (probably because of the ride’s shoddy look), but sure enough it is successful and you drop immediately. I have to admit that the second or two that the train drops is very intense – much more intense than I ever could have anticipated. The airtime rush is great, but it ends before you can even scream. Soon enough you screech to a halt and wait patiently to leave the train and get on with the rest of your day at Six Flags Great Adventure.
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