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 Review of Dodgem @ Cedar Point
1 Rating Posted by: larrygator on 8/28/2005 2:18:00 PM
The absolute worst bumper cars ever. I always thought SFGAdv were the worst. Nope, the worst sit at my favorite park, Cedar Point. Horrendous load times, it took the ride op at least ten miuntes to clear the previous people, let the new riders in and check seat belts. Then the ride cycle starts. It could not have been more than 1 minute, really. But thats OK, it is all relative since the bumper cars had the speed of a 94-year old woman in a walker. No offense meant to any 94-year old women with walkers, you probably could have out run a Dodgem bumper car and hit a lot harder too.

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Hercules on 8/28/2005 3:01:32 PM said:
The big parks never know what good bumper cars are all about. I dont even bother with them anymore. If these things are anything like the ones at Dorney, I can see how they would deserve a 1. And, Ive seen some pretty quick 94 year olds, so you better watch it.
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