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 Review of Flyer @ Knoebels
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 8/27/2005 3:40:00 PM
Flyer is by far the best flying skooters I have ever been on and can see why they are considered the best flying skooters. Located towards the left side of the park, Flyer is surrounded by many trees creating an exciting and out-of-control ride. With white cars, these Bisch Rocco flying scooters has an excellent and loud motor powering the ride. While waiting for Flyer, the cars swiftly flying by you get you hyped up for an awesome ride. Generally with a 5-10 minute wait, Flyer takes a long time to load and unload, but Knoebels does it fast for a flying skooters ride. Unfortunately, Flyer has a low capacity because of only 10 tubs and many single riders. Restrained by a seat-belt, you can control the rides intensity with the rudder. Once the ride begins, Flyer begins to increase speed and elevate. When it reaches its maximum height and speed my wild ride began. Easily snappable, Flyer hurls the tubs very high off the ground and close to the ground. There are many close encounters with trees and when you snap the tubs they bounce around and provide a frightening experience. You get a long 5 minute ride cycle. Overall, an excellent flat ride that is the best example of flying skooters out there. I highly recommend this ride to anyone who enjoys flying skooters or wild, out-of-control ride experiences.
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