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 Review of Xcelerator @ Knotts Berry Farm
0 Rating Posted by: Scott on 8/16/2005 3:10:00 PM
After riding silver bullet once, I ran back to the far corner of the park. Xcelerator stood proudly on the midway, waiting for me. It also looks great along the parks skyline. If I had come to knotts not knowing about this coaster I would have been blown away! You can see the top hat for miles. Its very impressive. I walked up to xcelerator and went into the queue. The line was themed pretty well. They had things that youd see in the 1950s. They had old hot rods and broken up pieces of cars all over. I walked into the station and got in line for the front seat. I waited 3 trains and got on. I pulled the very comfortable lap bar down and prepared for the launch. I watched the countdown and we were off! We launched extremely quickly. The launch felt even more powerful then dragstor! I couldnt breathe. The launch was insane. After that we turned up the hill and FLEW over the top hat! I got so much airtime! I was off my seat the whole way back down the top hat. After that we hit a few intense twists. The twists seemed to be getting that old intamin rattle though. It was surprisingly bumby near the end! We hit another overbank that had a great head chopper. It really looked like the green bar was going to hit my head! We hit the sloped brake run and went back into the station. Xcelerator was great! I looked at my picture and rode xcelerator 3 more times. I loved every ride. On my last ride I had to wait 10 minutes. While waiting I asked a ride op if xcelerator ever rolled back. He said they had never had a rollback with people on it! I was surprised since TTD does it all the time! Xcelerator is a great coaster at knotts that shouldnt be missed. The wait is never longer then 30 minutes so its worth a try!

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Swimace on 8/16/2005 10:20:17 PM said:
I was there Sunday and I was extremely impressed with Xcelerator. While I havent been on TTD, I can say that the launch was better than Storm Runner, which has an unbelievable launch. If Xcelerator had the post-tophat elements that Storm Runner had (primarily the flying snake dive) it could very well be my number one coaster
Scott on 8/16/2005 10:34:25 PM said:
I was there saturday. We were there over the same weekend.
Swimace on 8/17/2005 7:19:41 AM said:
Wow, thats really strange. I was at Pacific Park and Downtown Hollywood on Saturday
Scott on 8/17/2005 6:23:51 PM said:
What parks did you hit while there? I went to Disney land, California adventure, knotts, and magic mountain.
Swimace on 8/17/2005 7:44:30 PM said:
I only hit Knotts. I was in Cali for Jr. Nationals. They gave me a free plane ticket+partially paid hotel+$200 swimsuit to go swim in California, so thats the only reason I got to go to Knotts in the first place. Almost all out of state parks I get to are because of swim meets, like Hersheypark last year and Busch Gardens Williamsburg the year before that
weaver23 on 5/26/2007 11:40:34 AM said:
hey thats cool travel for cheap swim and hit theme parks
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