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 Review of Cyclops Roller Coaster, The @ Mount Olympus Theme Park
-1 Rating Posted by: coaster05 on 7/29/2005 12:04:00 AM
APPEARANCE-6 I like the way it hugs the terrain on the air time hill, but it also looks as if this coaster has been around a lot longer then it has. CAPACITY-5 Like all Olympus rides it has one train, but this ride also uses the time saving method of not checking your restraints. RIDE QUALITY-2 It has one great thing the airtime hill. Well lots of rides have one great thing I want my coasters to have more then that. FUN-2 One of the least fun wood coasters I have ever been on. The drop is lame I felt no real speed and I believe my sidewalk is 1900 feet(well at least it feels like it when I am shoveling snow). I love wood coaster but I am hard pressed to find five I liked less. RERIDE-3 I wonder what I missed since some good reviewers actually liked this thing. Course my huge distaste for this park limits any chance of coming back. OVERALL-18 AVG-3.6 I will go with the three because it felt more like a 2. Definately the most confused I have felt since I have similar taste in coasters with some other reviewers who scored it an 8 or higher.

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hrrytraver on 7/29/2005 12:20:04 AM said:
if mine eyes dont deceive, i thinketh coaster05 hath lain thee gauntlet. the question arises - is the fabled cyclops a worthy adversary for thrill thirsty rogues or a faux foe for quixotic nightowl knights?
coaster05 on 7/29/2005 12:31:54 AM said:
To be honest I wished I like it because I hate bashing a wood coaster, but bottom line I thought it sucked.
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