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 Review of Its Tough to Be a Bug! @ Animal Kingdom
4 Rating Posted by: mrbig64 on 7/25/2005 11:49:00 PM
A 4-D movie of epic proportions, Animal Kingdoms Its Tough To Be A Bug is one of the funnier rides in the park. Walking up to the tree of life and seeing the amount of care and artistic skill it took to create it was a sight to behold. Then you enter the area you wait in for the next showing of the movie, which has some rather cute posters on the wall of some Bugs Life characters. You then enter the auditorium, and it is the second best themed 4-D auditorium in Disney World (behind Philharmagic), with benches made out of rubber wood and the set looking as if you were actually inside a hollowed out area of a tree. Then the show starts, with butterflies and pretty stuff as the curtains and Flick the ant (Bugs Life) comes on stage. He then says he wants us to meet some of his bug friends and brings out this monsterous terantula who shoots into the audience, a termite defending his territory by spraying the audience with acid, and the humble stinkbug, who creates one of the smelliest scents in 4-D history. But alas, these fun and games must come to an end as the evil Hopper the grasshopper (Bugs Life) decides to join the show. He tells how much he hates the humans trying to kill them all the time, so hes decided to get back at you and spray you with bug spray, swat you with a fly swatter, and send spiders and wasps after you. Thankfully no body gets harmed in his madness, Hopper leaves and Flick closes the show. But wait because theres one more special effect that will make you "antsy" (pardon my pun). This is a well put together show with many effects and funny remarks for the kids and adults alike. I would suggest that kids 8 and older go on for dark moments, scary images and pain (those wasp stings really smart in the after math). Overall second best 4-D show in Disney World.
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