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 Review of American Flyers @ Lake Compounce
0 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 7/25/2005 4:14:00 PM
Call me crazy, but I didnt mind the American Flyers. I was able to get them a bit wobbly, but still no snapping. I only took time to ride once, but I neither loved or hated the ride. They look great as far as the paint scheme goes, which helps my opinion a little. To me, the only thing that seperated them from the Kings Dominion set was that they were run slower, much slower, as opposed to the PKD ones which are too fast, and I have decided that too fast is a lot more fun than too slow. Sure, they cant be snapped, but I still found them to be an ok ride, and like many sets nowadays (and based on the ageset of the riders in line), they are oriented towards children and I think its a good ride for them.Im not bashing anyone, but I think these things get a bum rap by people who praise the Knoebels and PKI/ParCar Flyers, and are rated a bit to harshly, and shouldnt be so much lower than some of the other non-snappable models.
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