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 Review of Cyclops Roller Coaster, The @ Mount Olympus Theme Park
0 Rating Posted by: Timberman on 7/21/2005 12:10:00 AM
Cyclops deserves a better review than I am currently able to write. I rode it several times, gathering impressions for the glowing essay that I planned to compose, but now that all is said and done, the only thing I can remember is a singular momement from my last ride. That would be the moment I landed in the lap of my riding companion and struggled to scramble back into my seat after being launched into space on Cyclopss last hill. It was the most dramatic moment of airtime I have experienced on any ride since the Jack Rabbit at Kennywood, and the exhilaration and adrenaline it provided rendered me thoroughly senseless.

When I had visited the park the previous day, the final car of Cylcopss train had been closed. The Bulgarian ride op, with her limited English, would only say that it was broken. The next day, however, when the crowds were heavier, seat No. 10 was back in business, albeit with a hand-lettered sign that said no one under 18 years could ride in it, per Wisconsin law. That seemed a bit suspect, and for the record, no one was checking IDs. The securing of restraints was also basically on the honor system, as the ride ops at most only pulled up on the single position lap bars to see if they were locked, and often even neglected to do that. Like any good ACEr, I dutifully fastened the single seatbelt that crossed both seats but only took up as much slack as was necessary to keep the belt buckle from rebounding from my chin to my groin. When my wife asked if I should tighten the belt, I told her not to worry.

Famous last words. Approximately 58 seconds later I was sitting in her lap as the ride sped through its final, signature, swooping dive. Whatever else happened during the brief, fast precedings was fun, but getting bounced out of my seat, over the seat divider, and nearly ejected from the car is what really sticks in my mind. I am a slim guy, and I tend to ride with my hands up. However, I have gained a new respect for the necessity of the proper use of restraints. With a properly adjusted seatbelt, any car on Cyclops is perfectly safe. Skip the seatbelt, however, and you risk the epitath of being the anchor whose death ruined a once great ride.

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coaster05 on 7/21/2005 12:20:57 AM said:
Ok and though I like your reviews a lot I have to say are you nuts? This is a great ride but Timbers is monotonous. This has that one amzing piece of airtime. One! This is a coaster with a lift hill I could jump off of. A paint job that rolling thunder would be embarrased of, and nothing other then that pop. I am totally baffled by your love of coasters from Mt. Olympus. You have got to explain how one elemnt can push a ride so high up your list but when the same element is repeted 14 times it actually hurts the rating.
Timberman on 7/21/2005 12:46:08 AM said:
The difference, for me, is between the unpredictable and ripsnorting nature of the Mt. Olympus coasters and the intense but repetitive ride of Shivering Timbers. Every coaster I rode at Mt. Olympus felt like it wanted to go airborne at any moment (and not for lack of maintenance). They were dynamic, but not rough, and I love that such a remarkable and ecletic collection of wooden roller coasters wound up in such a random location. Shivering Timbers had a few great moments, but mostly, I felt like I was on a boat being tossed in the ocean. Thats not really the thrill Im looking for in a roller coaster. As short as Cyclops is, it had a lot to offer, and again, I wish I had remembered more of the layout. And while Shivering Timbers serves up a greater volume of airtime, no single instance was as intense as what I experienced on Cyclops. Its like the difference between seeing a dozen 300-foot home runs in one game or watching someone blast the winning grand slam out of the park in game seven of the World Series. Either is a memorable event, but I guess I prefer the latter. Incidentally, have you ridden Cyclops and Zeus? Their stats dont do them justice (which is also a characteristic I tend to weigh favorably when reviewing a ride). Oh, and as far as I could tell, Cyclops didnt have any paint job, just treated wood.
coaster05 on 7/21/2005 9:42:06 AM said:
Do you honestly believe I would criticize your review if I hadnt rode them both. I found Mt. Olympus to be very dissapointing other then Zeus and Hades. Their service was abysmal and their ride ops were what you would find at the fair. They didnt even check my lapbar. Now I am okay with that since I am not an idiot and I know how to get in the coaster. I mean they honestly had a guy spraying for weeds on the track of zeus. L:ike you passed him in the train and he just pushed himself up against the side. Still with my expereince I thought Zeus was solid. However, and I respect your opinion I am not trying to change it, I just dont see it in cyclops. Oh and that collection of wood coasters ended up in the Dells because the dells is a tourist trap. 32.00 for that park is a rip off when they cant even figure out to get two trains on Hades.
larrygator on 7/21/2005 1:05:02 PM said:
I agree that the drop is the singular best moment of airtime on any coaster I have experienced, but personally I couldnt rate the ride as high as a 9 because I did not feel the whole ride is so worthy. You even made the comment that you wish you remembered more of the layout, well there wasnt much to remember. FYI - luckily you landed on your wifes lap, I landed on the seat divider on one of my rides and it was certainly a more painful landing for me than you.
coaster05 on 7/21/2005 7:02:54 PM said:
I thought the lift hill on Cyclops was like a pre hill like the Twister at Knoebels I could not believe that was it.
Timberman on 7/22/2005 11:51:11 AM said:
Cyclops is more a terrain coaster than a height monster. It has a great wooded setting and uses contours of the landscape to excellent effect. Im also a big fan of the PTC trains with the single position lap bar. True, its a very short ride, but its also usually a walk on, and you can stay on if no one is waiting for your seat. My ratings reflect my subject impressions of the ride experience, not the rides dimensions. Cyclops was fast and intense from beginning to end and offered unbelievable airtime. Whats not to love about that? My own rating was only slightly above the average for this ride, so Cyclops obviously has other fans as well. You wont get many bragging rights out of this coaster, but its fun factor is hard to beat. Cyclops replaced the Jack Rabbit on my top ten, which is another short terrain coaster of modest dimensions that just happens to offer monster airtime. Unlike Jack Rabbit, however, Cyclops keeps up the intensity from beginning to end.
coaster05 on 7/22/2005 6:04:22 PM said:
Wow its like we are not even talking about the same coaster. I found it to not only be short, but offer no thrill other then that airtime which was nothing special compared to other rides. Oh well agree to disagree I guess. I also have rode Jack rabbit and I find it to also be twice the ride this thing is.
hrrytraver on 7/25/2005 9:47:45 PM said:
if i might, id like to add that i think timberman simply has a reactionary style to him. i think he was simply really loosened up by the anti-six flags presentation in the dells, and subsequently that loosened-up-ness allowed his neural pathways to open as far as possible for max enjoyment of the dells coasters. i mean, if youre chilled all the way out, youll get a lot more out of anything. ive never been up there, though ive wanted to see the "house on the rock" (google it if you dont know) after hearing so much about it, and i now i have two reasons to go to wisconsin. i mean, wierd mini golf courses and go karts mixed with wood roller coasters looked after by eastern european teenagers sounds awesome to me. obviously timberman likes that type of thing too.
larrygator on 7/25/2005 10:18:21 PM said:
marionamazementpark.com - heres another quirky Wisconsin attraction. I didnt go but I picked up a brochure for HouseOnTheRock because I wanted to let adriahna know about it.
Timberman on 7/25/2005 11:23:50 PM said:
Four kick-ass wooden coasters in a one mile radius dispatched by sullen Olga Korbut types. Can you blame me for being verklempt? It was like the best of the Cold War era all over again. Wow. I just realized the Cold War era actually seems like an innocent time to me now.
coaster05 on 7/26/2005 12:32:36 AM said:
Boy I almost wonder if something was wrong with me. Olympus is one of the five worst parks I have been too. The whole dells experience felt like I had a bar code on my neck they just scanned when they wanted more money. I did really like Avalanche and Hades and thought Zeus was solid. But I felt like my ticket to olympus should have came with vaseline.
hrrytraver on 7/26/2005 10:31:11 AM said:
the a-maze-ment park looks awesome. i love the website. they go to great lengths to assure us we will never find mud in the maze after a rain due to their innovative use of "pea gravel."
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