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 Review of Zipper, The @ Trimpers Rides & Amusements
2 Rating Posted by: hrrytraver on 7/19/2005 2:33:00 AM
you cannot beat the zipper! a scary as s*** classic ride! scary the way it makes your head feel. scary biker dudes running the thing. scary rust all over it. scary little engine running it that looks like its from somebodys lawn mower. the zipper allows one to feel a sensation no major park would ever let you feel for fear of ride malpractice out the yazoo. that is the sensation of experiencing positive g-forces through ones head. often while zippering, ones "cab" tilts so that ones head is upside down while the ride itself places you on the lowest point of its down swing. that is a very uncomfortable feeling. positive Gs should be absorbed through the hind quarters not the head. however, i wouldnt have it any other way because i like the occasional unnatural experience. my favorite thing to do as a young lad was to take girls i was interested in on this very zipper in ocean city. "cmon, please ride the zipper with me....pleease." it was a hard sell, because it is an evil contraption through and through and looks the part. but it was a successful come-on, because the feeling of impending doom can bond two people. such a simple brilliant idea, i wonder who thought of it? they look so cheap, i almost feel like i could start saving now and eventually buy one for my back yard. the best carny staple ever, hands down, and the one at trimpers is the classic for marylanders.

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adriahna on 8/6/2005 10:41:09 PM said:
Traver, you rascal - taking girls on the Zipper as a "bonding experience"...
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