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 Review of Loch Ness Monster @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
1 Rating Posted by: Scott on 6/25/2005 8:54:00 PM
This was a big surprise for me. The only arrow I had ever been on and liked before was sidewinder. I thought this would be just as bad as any other old arrow. But it wasnt! The wait was only 5 minutes for the very front car. I guess it was because they had all the trains running. Loch Ness Monster is without a doubt deserving of some kind of coaster classic status. It is the only ride left with interlocking loops. This ride is incredible! The first drop is a doozy - its surprisingly good! And the tunnel! Oh my God! I thought we were never gonna stop spinning. Also, a friend of mine had me look up during the loops - you really get the full effect of the inversion. I was quite taken with the outside queue area and the huge Loch Ness Monster shrub that graces the front of the station. The inside of the station is really cheesy though! The ride ops were very nice on this ride and asked every person on the train if they were comfortable and if they were having any problems. And the thing that really helped this rating was how smooth it was. Alpengeist was about as smooth! LOL My biggest complaint was the bad station. Why put such hard work into detail when the station looks bad? I also would have liked to see the trains go through the loop at the same time and a longer second half. Oh well. This is still a great coaster.

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WAR2174 on 6/25/2005 11:18:48 PM said:
I had the wierdest feeling of deja vu reading this review, as if I had read it before. I dunno. Anyway, good review. Oh, they havent had the trains lined up to go through the loops at the same time in years. However, when they do, it is a sight to see.
Scott on 6/26/2005 11:14:09 AM said:
Yeah, I kinda reused some of the things from my tr. Im lazy. LOL Thats probably why it seemed like dejavu.
WAR2174 on 6/26/2005 12:54:53 PM said:
Thanks for clearing that up. I knew I saw it somewhere. I went back to the TRs and read it again. Im glad Im not crazy.
vbarbieri on 5/21/2006 9:03:32 PM said:
Really enjoy this coaster each time I get to BGE(BGW)
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