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 Review of Big Bad Wolf @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
0 Rating Posted by: viking78 on 6/16/2005 1:27:00 PM
This ride gets a 10 not because its overall one of the best ever but because it is by far the best of its type EVER! The suspended coaster, such a promising type of ride yet so many of them dissapointed so greatly, in fact every single one of them has except The Big Bad Wolf! The wolf theme wise is what every ride should be, great story, beautiful landscape, details beyond details. Now the ride. It gives a solid thrill but where it fails is they relent just as they are on the verge of ultimate greatness. You climb the first hill and have no idea what to expect because this ride is hidden in the woods. Than BAM! You pounce into a beautiful bavarian villiage at what seens to be a relentless pace, you almost cant believe you are getting this from such a coaster......than it lets up...... all the sudden BAM it accels again giving you the same shock but once again very quickly lets up.....In your mind you think "come on that was just getting good" than you climb way up and glance to your lift to see a lift hill dropping over a river, what? Creep around the bend than BAAAAAMMMMMMMM drop at what seems again to be a relentless pace over the rine river wipping into a POWERFUL turn that just as you want to call it the best ride ever it lets up.......now your left pondering "this could have been a king but its just a prince" I put it at #10 on my top ten because no other coaster will make you feel that thrill even if its for a ever so brief period of time. My only wish is they would remake this ride into what it truly could be....lets call it "The Bigger Badder Wolf". This is a ride that was on the verge of greatness but falls short. I could picture a version of this ride how it should be and it would be the best coaster ever!!!!

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fergusonat on 6/16/2005 2:37:29 PM said:
Im sorry, but I just dont see how you can say BBWs theming is more detailed than DarKastles...but yeah I agree, it is certainly a great ride
viking78 on 6/16/2005 2:41:58 PM said:
I mean for a coaster, its not more detailed than Darkastle but for a coaster its tops.
coaster05 on 6/16/2005 11:04:53 PM said:
wow I widh I felt that for this ride. I do agree it is the best of this type but it still doesnt make the top half of my list.
viking78 on 6/17/2005 1:44:38 PM said:
Can you imagine this ride with an extra mile of track through the village at speeds of about 10-15 mph faster, and the final lift hill at about 175 ft? If it was that way itd be the best ride ever!! Would it not?
viking78 on 6/17/2005 9:54:00 PM said:
It is not a little kids coaster, it is a type of coaster that had promise to be great but came up short. If they made them(suspended coasters) today with the advanced technology, youd have an unbelievable ride.
viking78 on 6/17/2005 10:15:31 PM said:
Anonymous why are you here? Im not some 12 year old your going to bait. Grow up and speak like a man or get out of here. Seriously, relax dude.
fergusonat on 6/17/2005 11:07:27 PM said:
An extra mile of track??? Yeah right. Do you know how long a mile is, man? 5,280 feet....Apollos Chariot isnt even a mile long and it is a hyper coaster which is fundamentally going to have an above-average track length. 175 feet tall??? BBW is pretty rough with an 80 foot drop, I shudder to think what it would feel like at 175....and though I love the ride, I dont think it is quite as thrilling as you make it out to be. Sure its a classic ride and it certainly delivers thrills, but to say it is the "ultimate greatness" is going overboard, IMO
viking78 on 6/18/2005 1:01:08 AM said:
Where did I ever say this ride is "ultimate greatness"? I said over and over that this ride falls short. I clearly said this ride is not one of the best, just the best of its type, that being suspended roller coasters. And what I also said is with todays technology the ride COULD be great. Dont misquote me. IMO this ride rebuilt with todays technology bigger, faster could be one of the best ever.
fergusonat on 6/19/2005 3:42:37 PM said:
Sorry, you actually said it is on the "verge of ultimate greatness..." Please shoot me...
mrceagle on 6/19/2005 7:48:13 PM said:
BBW is a great coaster over all. it isnt one of todays maga coasters but its a great layout with better themeing then you find on most ride. truly somthign Disneyesk. The ride has some thrills and exiting parks but it is a family coaster, which is one of its charms.
vbarbieri on 6/21/2005 2:19:33 AM said:
One of my favorites too. Still think you underrated Apollos Chariot but that is just me. What I really think we need to get rid of are PUNKS who bad mouth ratings without identifying themselves. Real Men do not go Anonymous.
mrceagle on 6/21/2005 1:03:29 PM said:
Im assumign your taling to another poster about the Appolos rating. ive never rated it. I havnt even ridden it. Its been way to long since Ive been to BGW.
vbarbieri on 6/25/2005 1:57:58 AM said:
Make the trip to BGW it will be worth it.
fergusonat on 6/26/2005 12:05:30 AM said:
Yes, Apollos Chariot alone will be worth the trip to BGW
mrceagle on 6/26/2005 8:06:57 AM said:
Lets make it easy. Last time I was there they were Buildign Pompei. I havnt ridedn anyhtign new since then. prity much an intire park worth of rides.
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