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 Review of Vortex @ Carowinds
1 Rating Posted by: WAR2174 on 5/26/2005 1:05:00 PM
Apparently the name "Vortex" is cursed for B&M, because this one and the one at Paramounts Great America in California are not very good. They are arguably the worst two B&Ms ever. Vortex is painted in a nice red paint and stands in a ver pretty location. The station is really boring, a plain building with very steep stairs. Vortex starts out up the lift hill, it doesnt take very long to get to the top since this one isnt tall. You bank to the right and down increasing with speed into a pretty tight veritcal loop and then into a little helix. You then head into a pretty rough corkscrew(brace yourself heading into it). You then make a couple of turns and you are back in the station. Very short, a little rough, and pretty boring. I really like stand-ups, but B&M seems to be hit-or-miss with them. They have made beauties like Riddlers Revenge and Mantis, but then they have junk like Vortex. This was probably a starting point for the type and you can tell. If you ride it, be prepared to brace yourself and protect yourself from hitting your head. This is about an average ride.
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