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 Review of Fairly Odd Coaster @ Carowinds
-1 Rating Posted by: WAR2174 on 5/25/2005 5:05:00 PM
Before anybody calls the straight-jacket police, let me explain. This rating is based on my childrens view of the ride not mine. After all, this is a childrens ride. My children, one 7 and one 4, absolutely loved this ride. They couldnt get enough and they are still talking about it today and they probably will be for a while. I wish that I had a coaster this fun to grow up on. First of all, the Fairly Odd Parents is an extrememly popular cartoon on Nickelodeon. This ride does the show justice. The gorgeous purple paint really makes this ride stand out. When my kids saw it from the parking lot, they almost had a convulsion. They wanted to jump the fence to get to it faster. Once on, my kids had a blast. My 4 year old son was holding his hands up like a 20 year veteran. The coaster is smooth as glass and is quick. It moves through the turns very nicely and has good air time for the young riders. This has to be the very best junior roller coaster out there.
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