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 Review of Revenge of the Mummy @ Universal Studios Florida
2 Rating Posted by: Paul on 5/24/2005 5:00:00 PM
Ahhh, I havent reviewed this yet. Alright - review time.

First off, before I go into what I like about it, I just want to get into the things I dont like about it first. One would be a popular complaint - its length. However, its understandable considering the size of the building, I expected a short ride to begin with... so I wasnt overly disappointed due to the lack of surprise. The next and larger gripe would be the rides ending. First off ...wait, what ending? You dive down a steep drop with Imotep yelling "Death is only the BEGINNING!" and you think "awesome! more to go!"...what next? Well, before you know it Brendan Fraser is yelling about his Coffee (Ha-Ha - sarcasm) and youre lapbars are popping up. The ending is my main complaint, its just extremely weak and unsatisfying, and that includes the last bit of its coaster section. It feels like its merely an ending simply trying to get you back to the station while slowing the train down rather than trying to deliver any sort of thrill or conclusion. To me thats unfortunate, considering the drop that leads into it is extremely amazing and reunites the ride with crazy speed (for 2 seconds) - I guess it was just a room issue, oh well. Keep in mind, I do enjoy this ride tons nevertheless.

I think its mainly the fault of whoever came up with this story. I just overall honestly dont like the concept, and thats why I cant slap it with a solid 9 or 10 - in addition to its rather lame ending. If only they would have thought of something more creepy and perhaps atmospheric than zooming around a "cursed" Mummy sequel set, and expanded its "slow dark ride" section to explore new locations, well, I would have been totally dazzled by it; but as it stands, its just not very imaginative - excluding its effects work. I just think more could of been done, alot more, but as it is I totally accept it. Its a very fun and unique ride with some great special effects and surprises, and the coaster section is extremely intense. Its a ride I do multiple times when going to Universal. Despite my gripes, its still gets awarded a sterdy 8 (I consider an 8 a very solid score). I do think some people may be overrating it, but thats just me.

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therock on 6/28/2005 10:37:28 AM said:
Hey Paul. Great review! Im wondering if you have ridden "Curse of DarKastle" at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and how the drop on "Revenge of the Mummy" compares to Curse of DarKastle. Is the drop at 90 degrees? Is it a real drop, or a perceived one due to 3-D effects? Thanks.
Paul on 8/21/2005 6:21:29 AM said:
I really have no idea. Ive only been to parks in New England and Florida, but Im sure you can get an answer to that if you head on into the "Forum" area (top of main page) and click "Critics Discussion". There, you can post your topic and question, Im sure theres at leasy 5 people there who can answer you on all of your questions.
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