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 Review of Flyer @ Knoebels
1 Rating Posted by: Hercules on 5/23/2005 2:32:00 PM
Now, I am far from a "Knoebelian", or a major Knoebels freak. I get the park. I understand what is going on there. Its just not completely my kind of thing, not my scene. Im not overly into the mountain boys running around and the whole unpolished feel, but it does remind me of a really good carnival, which makes it worth visiting once in a while. When I first went to the park about 5 or so years ago, I got on the Flyer. Seeing the exterior of it made me a little hesitant considering it did not necessarily look overly safe. It did, however, look quite enjoyable, so I gave it a shot. I got it to snap a couple times, which made me quickly stop what I was doing in complete and utter fear that I was breaking the ride and I was going to fall 20 feet to a none to be desired death. I continued riding the ride on my visits, just not with the ungodly fury that I had on that first go. However, upon reading up about the ride, and finding out what it is all about, I figured that I would give it a try once more. I knew how to snap the Flyer, but it had just been a while. I got to the park and met up with Nathan and Larry and Joe and got on the Flyer. The first ride was fun, but nothing overly spectacular in terms of my snapping skills. It had been a while. However, throughout the course of the day, the old timing and wrist action that had eluded me was coming back just like riding a bike, or swinging a golf club. I was back, swooping across the trees, swaying the flyer scooter like nothing. I was flying through the air and cutting through the wind like a bird. Not to mention, snaping like I was going to rip the motor out of the ground. What a fine ride, with many more to come. There is nothing like having Nathan yell from the car in front you me "Geeze Jay.", with a smile on his face and a look in his eyes as if Im a lunatic but in a good way. And another guy saying "Man, it will take two rides to get my snaps on that guy." And even gaining the respect of the ride ops along the way, with one actually shaking my hand later on in the evening as the sun was starting to set in the foreground. With all of this said, I cant get the same experience on this as a great coaster, making it hard to put in my Top 10, but it is truely a unique ride and experience once you get it down and can truely appreciate the greatness that the Flyer is, along with the macho pride of getting the thing to snap. I will take a good scrambler or swinging ship any day, but what the Flyer brings to the table is remarkable. The shear terror that can be had is crazy. It is one of the few rides that you will actually fear for your life, but that makes it what it is. Each ride is different and you are in control of your own destiny. I am not a major Knoebels person, but the Flyers really exemplifies what is Knoebels and what flats are about and what they should be. There is nothing like the Flyer, and it is only at Knoebels. Now, there is only one thing left to do: Hi, my name is Jay and I am a Flyer addict.

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SLFAKE on 5/24/2005 2:40:11 PM said:
I can appreciate those thoughts... though I dont have snapping down like some. Sunday, May 22 was a good day though. At one point there was so much snapping going on that even some of the locals were herding the small children to safety. Sometimes you can get a cool ride op too. For the next to last ride of the day, there were only two people on and no one waiting... so the op just ran through around 4 cycles with out stopping. Sadly, If you fly Hersheyparks Frontier Flyers like that, they would close the ride and throw you out of the park.. heck... they would probably evacuate the park and call in the SWAT teams.
Hercules on 5/24/2005 2:43:19 PM said:
That is the day that I (we) were there. I must have gotten off by then and went over to Phoenix. I hit that up a couple times before closing instead of getting on the flyers. I probably was on the ride with you a few times towards the end of the day LOL Too bad I missed out on that long cycle.
larrygator on 5/24/2005 3:23:14 PM said:
For the first ride of the day it was just Cyclonic and I and the ride op ran it for a good 8 minute cycle
SLFAKE on 5/24/2005 3:32:55 PM said:
Sounds like the last (or next to last actually) ride of the day was the same way.... it seemed long, and the op said afterward that he ran it through a few cycles. For the actual last ride of the day (already a few minutes past 7pm), he did stop to let two kids on who were waiting, and then ran it through the final cycle.
adriahna on 5/26/2005 2:54:00 PM said:
Hercules, welcome to the club - some ride, isnt it???
*FreeBird* on 5/26/2005 8:03:11 PM said:
Hercules, your reviews are truly awesome. They may be long, but there not boring and they give very good descriptions of the ride at hand. I definatly think you are one of the best reviewers on this site. Oh what Id do to have a ride like this in my back yard.
Knoebels on 1/24/2006 8:34:42 PM said:
Bravo. No one can truly decribe a ride like you, herc. The words you have written are the ones I have been searching for ever since I rode this ride. God bless ya, man.
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