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 Review of Canyon Blaster @ The Great Escape
-3 Rating Posted by: dp399 on 5/14/2005 8:59:00 AM
a piece of garbage

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mrceagle on 5/15/2005 4:01:43 PM said:
Think you might want to explain why. this is a terable review. you need more info on why the irde is worth a 1.
BobFunland on 5/15/2005 7:11:11 PM said:
Yes, dp399, you should add to the review a bit, especially when you give a 1 or else people will jump on you and give you "bad" ratings.
mrceagle on 5/16/2005 11:28:13 AM said:
He already has two. i gave him one. this is a terable review. no explanatin and a pore rating.
adriahna on 5/17/2005 1:36:09 PM said:
Granted, this critics a new member, but I certainly hope they end up improving their reviews - especially their lower-end entries. This is just bordering on deletion material...
vekoma88 on 5/17/2005 6:31:23 PM said:
Yeah honsetly....why would they put such a small and low capacity ride in such a large parK?? I mean, this coaster was probably something when it resided at Opryland, and then it was actually going to open here in Indianapolis when the new park was supposed to open way back in 1999, but obviously they didnt build it and you guys got stuck with it....uh I mean....if they were going to save ANY of the 4 major coasters that were sitting there rusting, they should have at least saved the Black Widow which was a rare Arrow launched loop, or better yet, how about that Vekoma illision?? I dont even know about that ones whereabouts....shameful well.....thats just my input lol
mrceagle on 5/19/2005 5:32:54 PM said:
Scraped for all Ive been able to find out. Black widow was nothign special. I know I road it ad Riverside. anyways, Canyon Blaster(mine train) was the best chaice. the park needed a solid family coaster. most kids couldnt ride Comet, Boomerange, Demon,bobslead, and were posibly scared of Nightmare. this wasnt bad. but do to its location they have to remove allot of track wich took away from the ride and it all sites outside. The capacity isnt all that bad being better then Nightmare and Boomerange.
vekoma88 on 5/19/2005 8:02:45 PM said:
I really didt think Arrow launched loops were all that great but I was just saying that if they were to save anything from the brink of death they could have saved something that was rare. Sometimes I think it would be cool to have a roller coaster museum where *coaster firsts* could reside and you could ride them. I know, a random thought, but I still always thought that would be cool and a good way to recycle old coasters that shouldnt be discarded.
mrceagle on 5/23/2005 1:06:15 AM said:
Ace is puting together a musium but I have no clue if they plan to have operating coasters. Canyon blaster before the modifications and instalation was aparinly a top ride. this shorter rougher version isnt anythign fantastic but a great thing for the park. with Road runner they actually have a well rounded coaster solection. now they just need another one worth talking about.
vekoma88 on 5/29/2005 3:07:00 PM said:
I agree with you mrceagle, and really, that pretty awesome that they are putting together a coaster museum!! It would be a great way to see coaster firsts and see how far weve come. I just hate seeing a coaster get scrapped if it still has use to it. I know they recycle most of the usable steel, but still, I just hate seeing a coaster get thrown away!! Well take care everyone.
mrceagle on 5/31/2005 9:41:47 AM said:
I agree its upsetign to see Coasters and rides thrown away. I especially hate it when its a ride or coaster I have spent many years riding and grew up on.
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