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 Review of Congo Rapids @ Six Flags Great Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: larrygator on 5/2/2005 9:57:00 AM
What a shame this ride has been weakened from its original opening. I rode in 2004 for the first time in about ten years. While this ride never had the biggest rapids and there was never a gaurantee of getting drenched, the waterfalls used to be in play. I think the waterfalls had the wooden barriers put in front of them about 8-9 years ago, but I remember a couple of occasions when a raft was trapped under the waterfall for many minutes with the ride ops having to come over to push the raft out or even turn off the water. It never happened to my raft but it did happen. I actually like the fact that not everyone will get drenched. Good point by Herc in the last review, this used to be cuting edge. I remember waiting almost 3 hours to ride this. sort of

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Hercules on 5/11/2005 3:02:39 AM said:
Did you get on this yet this year Larry? If you didnt, I can tell you that you can see the cop car from the lift hill of Nitro pretty clearly. Just look over to the left about halfway up the lift and you can make it out through the trees. Just figured I would let you know incase you didnt get on the ride yet this year and didnt want to get wet... not like the chances of that are very good anyway LOL. But yeah, I can see how this ride has gone downhill since it first debuted. It was a good try. Im sure it was a big thing back in the day, but just dont measure up anymore. I can see how the rafts would get caught up in by the waterfalls the way it is configured. That really stinks that it had to be boarded up the way that it is, but, how where they supposed to know? It was the first time something like that was tried.
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