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 Review of Joker @ Dorney Park
2 Rating Posted by: bandit on 3/28/2005 2:19:00 PM
I like this ride! Another good one for the family, especially kids 7+ who have not yet been on the big rides. It looks big like Meteor and Hang Time but has none of the bite. Think of it as a row of bleachers say 25 seats long and 8 rows high. You sit alongside each other (nice for kids who are old enough to want to try something that looks ‘big’ but still a bit timid) and a bar lowers over your lap. Then the thing takes you up and drops around and down a few times…I think it then goes backwards. You do not go upside down. I find the drop to be less harrowing than the Pirate Ship. You can sneak a peak at the new Hydra coaster as well. Like other rides in this category, teens will tolerate it, returning adults who may have been away from the parks a while will enjoy it and younger kids will come away perhaps confident enough to try some other scarier things.
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