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 Review of Vortex @ Carowinds
1 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 3/22/2005 8:10:00 PM
Vortex is the most dissapointing B&M I have ever been on, the only one to get a score as low as a 6 so far. The ride is ok, looking at the layout before my trip, I figured that I was in store for a fun little stand-up like the Georgia Scorcher, but that was not the case. The first half is actually quite enjoyable. I liked all three B&M standups that I had been on previous to Vortex, with their intensity being a major reason why. Vortexs first loop presented a very intense element, much smaller and tighter than other B&M loops, which lack really strong forces for the most part with their typical 80 or greater diameter. At least Vortexs loop seemed more intense to me. The second half is where problems arise, from the helixes and turns which were far to wide and open to produce great forces, to a bit of headbanging in the corkscrew, which was tolerable as far as I was concerned, even though it is something that is uncharateristic of a B&M. I also didnt like the restraints all too much, it seemed as if they were different than the more recent models like the Scorcher and Riddlers. Overall, it was still fun, and worth riding multiple times, but not the best in a category which I enjoy unlike some folks, that same category which is packed with stiff competition. Unfortunately for Vortex, it is hard to live up to it, but at least it can say it is better than TOGO standups.

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tacoking on 3/28/2005 12:39:36 PM said:
Good to see B&M have learned a thing or two since Vortex.
BobFunland on 3/28/2005 5:12:50 PM said:
Yes, but as average as Vortex was, at least it still is better than a TOGO standup. But I realized that this was one of their early creations, so I was tolerant of the weak ride.
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