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 Review of Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle @ Kings Island
1 Rating Posted by: gyk182 on 2/7/2005 8:53:00 PM
This poor showbuilding has been through quite a lot of refurbs, hasnt it? Frankly, I enjoyed Phantom Theater... And by that, I mean I was absolutely terrified when I saw it when I was six, and now I remember how cool it was and I wish I had been on it one last time (Yes, this is a bit of a Phantom Theater review, but it all ties into SD and the HC, so bear with me). Anyway, when I went recently, I wasnt expecting much of a change, and I was ready to face my childhood fears (And it didnt help my childhood fears that the first time I had been on it the ride stopped as our car stood in front of that blasted furnace... "Leaving so soon?" That stupid cliche saying still haunts my dreams) when I realized it had changed to Scooby Doo! I was glad, because my previous love of Scooby rides had been shattered when Tom Cat abruptly made the kiddy coaster outside the Theater his stupid taxi coaster... he stole it right from the Doo-ster, and I was happy to see Scoob return, and this time in more than a name. As people have said, this is up to par if not better than Buzz Lightyears SpaceRanger Spin over at The Magic Kingdom in Florida. I was also very happy to see that more traditional, flat, blacklit carboard figures as well as a nice amount of animatronics, too. I was also very pleasantly surprised to see the omnimover vehicles contrary to those at Kings Dominion. The leaping mummy effect is so simple, yet so effecitve. My only complain is the guns. I like the way you have to wait for your vehicle to turn towards a scene to shoot, but no red dots appear from your laser on the wall, so you dont know how close you are. Definately check it out! Although it may have somehow converted from a horrific theater to a playfully scary castle, the spirit remains and youll enjoy yourself, young or old!

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Scott on 2/9/2005 9:29:40 AM said:
Good, review, and once again, welcome to the site :wave:
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