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 Review of Revenge of the Mummy @ Universal Studios Florida
0 Rating Posted by: stocko182 on 1/2/2005 12:38:00 PM
In my opinion, this ride did not live up to its hype, but it was still incrediable. The dark ride portion of the ride was very nicely done, and I thought the treasure room scene was awesome aside from the non-moving mummys. But even that I was willing to let go for its surprisingly intense coaster portion of the ride. My only real compliant was that there is no real ending. For how spectacular this ride is bulit up to be and the massive lenghts of deatil that went into it you would think that there would be somewhat of a more substanial ending. I dont know if they ran out of room or money, maybe a combination of both. But its lack of an ending still does not take away from the jaw dropping effect the first time you ride.

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tacoking on 1/2/2005 4:16:29 PM said:
I still get that "jaw dropping" effect. Got it on my first ride, and got it on my 100th.
stocko182 on 1/2/2005 7:48:21 PM said:
Im not saying that it gets dull after each ride, just that there is really nothing like that first experience.
tacoking on 1/3/2005 4:40:19 PM said:
Was everything working for you?
stocko182 on 1/4/2005 1:43:01 PM said:
Everything worked the first time I went on, the 2nd time the fog machine didnt go off during the launch through the mouth of the Mummy.
tacoking on 1/4/2005 4:07:22 PM said:
Glad everything was working for you the first time!
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