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 Review of Cyclone, The @ Williams Grove Park
3 Rating Posted by: 3r1c on 11/29/2004 1:14:00 PM
Early on in the first Shrek, theres a wooden bridge that is unstable and falling apart that leads to the castle where Princess Fiona is. If youve seen the movie, youll know that while crossing the bridge Shrek shakes it and Donkey fears for his life as he feels at any moment that he may fall into the lava. The Cyclone is very much like this.

I boarded in the second last seat, and pulled the lapbar (which was held in by ducktape) and the operator let the train go on its way onto the lift. Within the first five feet of track you can tell that this isnt going to be a smooth ride. Cresting the top and turning into the first drop, you literally fear for your life as it then rips upwards. The train is shaking uncontrolably, and at any moment you could be ejected into the grass.
The supports seem like theyre about to give out at any moment as it travels over several hills and double-downs (which give some nice airtime). As you go around the second turn-around, you see that after the short drop, there is literally an unbanked turn which seemed to have track missing. The laterals smash your ribs as the train hops up and down as it begins to travel underneath its own struction. Youd think it couldnt be any more out of control but it gets worse. While riding, all I could think was "Im going to fly off into the supports and die."

But, I didnt. Soon the train slammed into the brake run and we were back in the station. The Cyclone is truly the most unique, out of control coaster Ive ever been on. Its a blast, though I couldnt ride it all day. Its something different for anyone whos used to the regular B&Ms and Intamins and the smooth rides of GCII.

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BobFunland on 1/13/2005 9:11:40 PM said:
Good review, I most certainly enjoyed the Shrek analogy.
Timberman on 1/13/2005 9:51:09 PM said:
Well put. Sounds like my kind of ride.
adriahna on 1/14/2005 4:31:21 PM said:
Mine, too - Im dying to ride that little monster.
Cyclonic on 1/14/2005 5:13:57 PM said:
The whole lot of you are sadistic.
adriahna on 1/14/2005 10:59:17 PM said:
Hee, hee - I know... but my curiosity always gets the best of me. A good friend and I came within about 1/4 of an inch of sneaking into the Thunderbolt property on Coney Island when it was still standing - part of me seriously regrets not having done so. But then, I could have ended up with a nasty dog bite in my rear end...
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