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 Review of Wildcat, The @ Williams Grove Park
0 Rating Posted by: 3r1c on 11/29/2004 1:03:00 PM
Im a sucker for these Schwarzkopf rides. I love how this one is placed - it feels as if its in the middle of someones backyard. It has a typical figure-8 like layout with several turns and (two?) helices. The drops are steep and quick, and the car itself rattles as it speeds through the layout. Its just one of those rides you can have fun on no matter what, even if it isnt up to paar with todays thrills. Watch out for the brake run, the thing goes from twenty to zero in .46 of a second it seems.

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no cars go on 5/1/2006 5:15:54 PM said:
I like the middle of someones backyard comment. Once I had a conversation with my band teacher about how the park is closing, and I brought up how if I had enough money and there were no safety laws or anything I would by the Wildcat, put it in my backyard, and either operate it for 50 cents a ride or just ride it all summer long.
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