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 Review of Revenge of the Mummy @ Universal Studios Florida
2 Rating Posted by: NISSAN on 11/11/2004 8:32:00 AM
This is honestly one of the best rides Ive been on in a while. Yea coasters are more exhiliarating and all, but theres not many like this. All the other rides out there are becoming to generic. Universal took a ride and show(sort of) and put it together. You dont have to many rides like this out there. And considering how much space they had to deal with to fit a well THEMED coaster in a building, they did a hell of a job. I loved the 3 pops of airtime, especially the one in the middle that caught me by surprise the first time i rode it. infact it caught me every other time i rode it. The theming was great even though i have to say they could have made it a bit more enticing somwhow. Like have something jump out at u, or have ravens or bats fly by your head out of nowhere. what i was hoping for was to feel those beetles crawling on me in that scene like they did on Shrek 4-D, but in some ways that would have been to intense for some people, like my girlfriend whos deathly afraid of them. When we went on the ride that part scared the crap out of her. Some other things i loved were the near miss with the lowering wall, the fire overhead in the treasure room, the animatronics in the first room (after they were in full operation), the backwards drop after the beetles, the launch, the fake station, and in an odd sense how the ride glided to the end station in such ease and poetry as to say you made it through. but like always no ride is perfect of course it had its flaws. the main being the long lines. I waited 2 and a half hours the first time i rode it, but this is normal for a new ride once the excitement for it cools, itll calm. Spiderman and hulk were the same when first opened. Another complaint were all the damn stairs to get on then after to get off. I didnt pay to get a workout. And they werent small flights either, they required some serious effort, then again im a lazy bum, so it could just be me. My last comlaint is the restraint system. Me being 6 foot 5, im used to squeezing into rides, but this involved a bit more tham squeezing. My girl is 6 foot and she even had problems getting in. If they could have just given a few more inches that would have been awesome. I also think they could have explained the story better than the tvs, cause all the times i was in line i didnt pay much attention to the tvs. They should have a room that grasps your attention and makes you listen to the story, not a preshow persay, but something to say hey pay attention. After these minor details its a great ride. Again u have to give them props for using, satisfactorily, the space they had available. I doubt many, including disney, can do what Universal did. This ride is a nice escape from the same routine rides. Something to spice up your life.
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