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 Review of American Flyers @ Lake Compounce
2 Rating Posted by: ibluv on 11/6/2004 9:41:00 PM
VERY slow, VERY boring, and a shadow of what they used to be. When I heard these Scooters were replacing TopSpin, my all-time favorite flat ride, I cried for days. Im still mad about that. Before Kennywood took over the park LC had these Scooters, and if memory serves me right they were un-painted, un-tampered with and alot more fun. Then they disappeared for a few years. The rest is sad history.

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Achibabwa on 11/7/2004 1:24:36 AM said:
That is sad. Never got a chance to ride the Flyers, guess I wont put them on my to-ride list.
ibluv on 11/7/2004 4:07:18 PM said:
No, theyre not worth riding, unless someone un-neuters them.
mrceagle on 11/7/2004 5:09:19 PM said:
Many parks have neutered them. canobie runs them fast but chained the controlers so they cant snap any mor ethen 90 degrees. Whaloms were the best I ever rode. but you know Story land will never instal them without tampering with them.
ibluv on 11/8/2004 3:57:23 PM said:
Of course not, especially since its more of a kids park. Its too bad that parks cant leave these classic rides alone, and let ppl enjoy them the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Next thing you know theyll be making everybody wear seatbelts on carousels.
mrceagle on 11/8/2004 5:08:54 PM said:
2 words, Insurance premiums. Its the companies complaining about safty and maybe having to pay out on that one and a thousand chance. Its goten to the point that they make you wear a seat belt while you ride.
ibluv on 11/8/2004 11:03:59 PM said:
Stuff is gonna happen anyway, and in 9 out of 10 cases it happens because of ppl being stupid, and theres always gonna be stupid ppl, which means premiums are always gonna be high whether they castrate the rides or not. Making a ride less intense or adding a safety belt doesnt guarantee the rides safety, especially if the riders are irresponsible.
mrceagle on 11/9/2004 10:39:05 PM said:
We know that. but the companies dont want to admit it. they want to be able to say they did more then was needed to insure the safty of there custimer. Its a load of crap if you ask me. When I ride this a couple weeks ago. I road with another person. he was afraid he would fall out becuse the seat belt wasnt on. I told hem that this ride wad more then 80 years onlt and didnt have a seat belt untill last year. Hed be fine. guess what nothing haponed.
ibluv on 11/13/2004 8:30:47 PM said:
I would love to go back in time and see what parks were really like in the days before high insurance premiums. Ill bet they were alot more fun in many ways.
adriahna on 8/8/2005 9:36:41 AM said:
I think thats every coaster lover and amusement park history buffs dream - to go back to the good old days of hair-raising, liability-be-damned amusement parks. You can find some great footage of Coney Island from back when. Two GREAT sources:

"Coney Island", which is a PBS documentary by Ric Burns, and

"Speedy", a silent film starring Harold Lloyd.

Both of these are great resources in two ways - the first as an indispensible documentary on Coney in general, the second as a great (and very funny) record of the parks heyday - filmed in 1928, including all sorts of on-site footage, with rides, buildings, funhouses, you get the idea.
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